What is the shopping spree certificate redeemable for?
This certificate is valid for a Shopping Spree Passcode that allows you to order the amount of ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of merchandise and services from the website www.certificatesavings.com without any charges nor restrictions of items, other than a shipping and handling fee on each item, which is used in part to offset processing, shipping and administrative costs for delivery to your door. There are hundreds of different gift items and premium services that you can choose from. Your only cost to redeem this certificate and receive your Shopping Spree Passcode is a $10 processing fee.

How do I redeem my certificate and what happens after I redeem it?
You can redeem your certificate either by mail, fax or online. Simply follow the directions on the certificate or on the website to redeem your certificate. When you redeem your certificate you will receive a passcode to use at www.certificatesavings.com to begin your shopping spree.

How long do I have to use the shopping spree passcode once I receive it?
Your passcode will never expire, so you can use it at www.certificatesavings.com as often as you want until you spend the entire $1000.

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